Public Infrastructure – Definition, Examples and Types, Financing

What is Public Infrastructure?

Public infrastructure refers to infrastructure facilities, systems, and structures that are owned and operated by the “;;public,” i.e., the government. It includes all infrastructural facilities that are open to the general public for use. Infrastructure includes all essential systems and facilities that facilitate the smooth flow of an economy’s day-to-day activities and enhance the people’s standard of livingHuman Development IndexThe Human Development Index (HDI) is a statistical measure (composite index) developed by the United Nations to assess the social and economic development of countries around the world. The HDI considers three indicators of human development, namely, life expectancy, education, and per capita income.. It includes basic facilities such as roads, water supply, electricity, and telecommunications.

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Human-Computer Interaction | Comprehensive coverage of Hypertext/Hypermedia

CSCE 610. Hypertext/Hypermedia Systems. Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hrs

Comprehensive coverage of Hypertext/Hypermedia fundamental concepts and definitions fundamental components, architectures and models problems and current solutions design and implementation issues and research issues.

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Elementary Cellular Automaton. An Idea About How Simple Structures… by Jesus Najera Cantor’s Paradise Medium


As Wolfram states in the legendary A Brand New Type Of Science, he observed similar-ant common convergences:

Despite the fact that each pattern differs at length, the amount of essentially various kinds of patterns is extremely limited. Indeed, it appears the patterns which arise can more often than not be assigned very easily to 1 of just four fundamental shapes:

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Dynamical systems – Scholarpedia

A includes an abstract or condition space, whose coordinates describe the condition at any instant, along with a dynamical rule that specifies the immediate way forward for all condition variables, given just the present values of individuals same condition variables. As an example the condition of the pendulum is its position and angular velocity, and also the evolution rule is Newton’s equation (F = ma .)Introduction

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Human-computer interaction and digital advertising

Consumer interaction with content was once an easy process. There is an easy group of delivery vehicles — print, radio, television and movie — as well as an equally defined group of mechanical interfaces, usually composed of pages, knobs and dials.

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