City Resilience Framework Adaptation Clearinghouse

Based on The Rockefeller Foundation and produced by Arup’s Worldwide Team of developers, the town Resilience Framework is really a holistic, evidence-based framework for understanding city resilience to tell urban planning and investment decisions. The Rockefeller Foundation is applying the framework to produce resilience-building agendas at city-level with current people of the 100 Resilient Metropolitan areas Network. Presenting a comprehensive way of articulating city resilience, the framework underpins and reinforces the town Resilience Index’s full suite of indicators and variables.

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The Resilience Framework – Organizing for Sustained Viability Stefan Tengblad Springer

Organizing for Sustained Viability

Editors: Tengblad, Stefan, Oudhuis, Margareta (Eds.)

  • Provides both an accessible description and theoretical framing of business resilience
  • Presents a built-in theoretical framework that provides an extensive and holistic knowledge of business resilience
  • Clearly illustrates the hyperlink between theory and exercise, and therefore the effectiveness from the framework

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What’s Resilience? A Framework for Weathering Stormy Occasions – HGA


Planning resilience views factors for example building type, business operations, and geographic location. Each building type needs a targeted method of forecasting risk. Government structures requiring high-safety measures face challenges not the same as hospitals that has to remain operational 24/7 to provide existence-critical services. Yet each take advantage of a proper procedure that evaluates potential internal and exterior risks.

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System Resilience – SEBoK

Lead Author: John Brtis, Contributing Authors: Scott Jackson, Alice Squires, Richard Turner

According to the Oxford English Dictionary on Historical Principles (1973), resilience is “;the act of rebounding or springing back.” This definition most directly fits the situation of materials which return to their original shape after deformation. For human-made, or engineered systemsengineered systems the definition of resilienceresilience can be extended to include the ability to maintain capabilitycapability in the face of a disruptiondisruption. The US government definition for resilient infrastructureinfrastructure systems is the “ability of systems, infrastructures, government, business, communities, and individuals to resist, tolerate, absorb, recover from, prepare for, or adapt to an adverse occurrence that causes harm, destruction, or loss of national significance” (DHS 2010).

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