A bivariate prediction approach for adapting the health care system response to the spread of COVID-19


The spread of COVID-19 implied a large and fast increase of demand for intensive care services. To face this increase in demand, health care systems need to adapt their response by increasing hospital beds, intensive care unit (ICU) capacity and by (re-)deploying doctors and other personnel. This paper proposes a forecast approach based on the Vector Error Correction model for the daily counts of hospitalized patients with symptoms and of patients in ICU, using publicly available data on the current COVID-19 outbreak in Italy, Switzerland and Spain. The level of analysis is the local government managing the health care system response, which corresponds to regions for Italy. The one-week-ahead forecasts are validated with out-of-sample data over successive weeks; they are found to provide timely and robust prediction of ICU capacity needs in Lombardy, the most-affected Italian region, starting from the sample of the first 2 weeks of data. The same methodology is successfully validated on other Italian regions, Switzerland and Spain. This approach may be used in other countries/regions/provinces to help adapt the health care system response to COVID-19 (or other similar disease); for this purpose, the open-source software code to produce the forecasts is provided with the paper.

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Adjusting to Agile

You will know you need to be a more agile development organization, however, you aren’t sure where to start. You’ve heard about effective, non-agile transitions in which a strong, visionary leader plants a stake in the earth and states, “;Let’s take our company there.” You may have been part of change efforts that began having a lone team thinking, “;Who cares what management thinks, let’s do that.” However, you’re starting to understand neither tactic, alone, can result in lengthy-term success with agile. The thing you need is really a multi-dimensional approach designed that will help you attain the sustainable change you would like.

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A Technique for Adjusting to Patterns of Problems SpringerLink


Within this paper, we present a language framework for describing dependable systems. Our framework emphasizes modularity and composition. The dependability and functionality facets of a credit card applicatoin might be described individually, supplying separation of design concerns. In addition, the dependability protocols of the application might be built bottom-as simple protocols which are composed into more complicated protocols. Composition causes it to be simpler to reason concerning the behavior of complex protocols and supports the making of generic multiple-use dependability schemes. A substantial facet of our language framework is the fact that dependability protocols might be loaded right into a running application and installed dynamically. Dynamic installation assists you to impose additional dependability protocols on the server as clients with new dependability demands are built-into a method. Similarly, if your given dependability protocol is just necessary during some particular phase of execution it might be installed in that period only.

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6 strategies for moving your teaching online – How can you adapt your teaching approaches for the virtual classroom? – Oxford TEFL

Maybe you have considered teaching online? Adding this skill for your teaching repertoire can open a number of possibilities for you personally, from additional try to beginning your personal business. You might vastly improve your odds of finding teaching work online, reaching more potential students and supplying the perfect service if you take our Teaching British Web based course. If you’re considering just as one online teacher read this article and find out what’s involved with adapting your and yourself teaching strategies to online teaching. 

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Key Advantages of Adapting Agile Software Development Methodology – Teksun

By Teksun Admin March 12, 2018

Everyone recognizes that today software and computer have grown to be a far more important a part of existent existence in various areas for example educational, personal and professional too they’ve developed accurate and straightforward things from retail marketing to brain surgery field. Today, software development lifecycle appears lots of challenges and variations during each stage, the main challenge is recognized and adopting a cutting-edge methodology leading for you to get greater revenues. Nowadays, agile software development has got the most competent technology as well as their developing significant applications.

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Managing adaptation inside a altering world – Learning for Sustainability

Adaptation is really a word frequently used along with global warming, but it’s something which society has always done. Adjusting to (any) change means adapting the way you do things – in most regions of our way of life – to reply to the altering conditions. This means not just avoiding negative impacts, but additionally causing us to be better able to benefit from any benefits. As an example the Intergovernmental Panel on Global Warming (IPCC) defined adaptation as “;any adjustment in natural or human systems as a result of actual or expected weather stimuli or their effects, which moderates harm or exploits advantageous possibilities”.

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