Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences

Demand Papers: Data Assimilation in Computational Mechanics – Recent Advances and New Trends

Using experimental data in colaboration with simulation models is becoming anactive research subject. Indeed, new experimental facilities (for example digital image/volume correlation (DIC/DVC)) now enable to gather a sizable and diversified quantity of data, which enables you to identify and validate complex models, in order to enhance predictions produced by simulations tools. In addition, data and models are increasingly more intertwined to enhance understanding in applications coping with structural health monitoring and control for example, with potential real-time dialogue between simulators and connected physical systems (e.g., the DDDAS concept). However, many challenges coping with data filtering, computational cost, or statistical sturdiness have to be addressed to be able to incorporate data efficiently. Continue reading “Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences”