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Cellular Automata

Exactly what is a Cellular automaton?

A Cellular automaton is really a special type of world: space is split right into a finite quantity of cells, while time advances over time ‘hops'(t=,1,2,3,…)
Each cell includes a condition ( as an ex.: ‘Dead’, ‘Alive’, ‘True’, ‘False’, ‘Red’, ‘Blue’). A cell represents a Finite Condition Machine.
Cells are connected together. Several connected cells is known as an areaOrbunch. The condition from the cell is impacted by america of their neighbors.
Within the common scenario when time changes(for ex. t=1) each cell changes its current condition in parallel to another cells within the automaton.
A cellular automaton could appear in multiple dimensions: 1-D, 2-D, 3-D, …
You could consider a cellular automaton like a multi-agent system. Each cell represents a real estate agent. Global emerging behavior might be noticed in consequence of local interactions between cells.

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Cellular Automata

Intro: Existence-like Cellular automata

Existence-like cellular automata are comprised of “living” cells. A full time income cell has two possible states: Dead or Alive.
Automatically a cell dies except in these instances:

  • A cell survives if encircled by N living neighbors
  • A cell involves existence if encircled by K living neighbors

where N and K are integers (for ex.


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