B.S. in Human-Computer Interaction Department of Informatics

What’s HCI – Human-Computer Interaction?

HCI professionals design this interaction. HCI professionals operate in every company developing the interfaces between systems and individuals. Creative and insightful, HCI professionals are forward thinkers who hold the technical skills to apply effective interfaces. They do know how people use technology and truly worry about causeing this to be interaction simple and easy , productive.

What’s Going To I Learn?

The BS in Human Computer Interaction provides necessary background to conduct design activities including: eliciting in the client, formulating, and articulating functional specifications understanding how human factors and cognitive models influence design understanding the concepts of, and getting knowledge about, communication design focusing on how implementation constraints influence design and incorporating evaluation results into iterated designs.

Detailed Program Information

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HCI Jobs

What jobs can one get?

HCI tasks are very popular. NJIT and Rutgers Career Services offices get notices of numerous more jobs (and coop internships) than our students can fill.

In aviation, manufacturing, and also the nuclear industry, HCI is known as a substantial safety issue. Within the entertainment and advertising industries, interactive and social computing are extremely central that managers highly value HCI practitioners. HCI specialists behave as liaisons among graphic artists, business managers, developers and finish users. Every company that designs and implements interfaces to computing systems needs HCI specialists! In addition, several talking to companies evaluate interface effectiveness and improve designs.

B.S. in Human-Computer Interaction Department of Informatics In aviation, manufacturing, and also


B.S. in Human-Computer Interaction Department of Informatics In aviation, manufacturing

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