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Computer Modeling and Simulation

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Computer Modeling andSimulation Graduate CertificateOverview

Using computer modeling and simulation has become more and more famous both government and industry because it enables scientists, researchers, and engineers to know and evaluate complex systems more proficiently and save your time, money, and materials.

Our graduate certificate in Computational Modeling and Simulation gives you a basis generally modeling and simulation methods, preparing you for any career in a number of fields, including science, engineering, business, health, and public policy.

Computer Modeling andSimulation Graduate Certificate: Why PSU?

Obtain the skills you have to better comprehend the behavior of complex systems and be effective in using software to produce models and simulations to explain, identify, and predict system behaviors.

You’ll take courses in straight line systems theory, discrete and continuous system simulation, and record modeling of structure, and discover techniques that are relevant to studying social, physical, and natural systems.

So what can I actually do having a graduate certificatein Computer Modeling andSimulation?

Our program gives you the various tools you should utilize computer modeling and simulation methods in process engineering, policy evaluation, data analysis and interpretation, and study regarding feedback dynamics in complex systems.

You’ll be ready for careers in government and industry.


ADAS model based design using Matlab | Course Demo