Mobile Reachability. Guidelines by Alex Kirhenstein Medium


When you’re holding your smartphones you’ve capability to operate just with a thumbs. Human thumbs can’t be extended to achieve middle to top screen areas because of physical limitations. So consumer experience ought to be based on this. Software developers should avoid placing any helpful buttons, input fields, features in top right or left corners (top area).


Apple introduced iOS reachability feature in 2014. Samsung also using similar feature on their own Android devices. Old problems might disappear, but brand new ones arise. First of all, Apple’s reachability feature suggests to double-tap every time if you wish to achieve the top screen (Example: search bar in Safari). Next, design doesn’t make much sense. This iOS feature adds a black rectangle. Initially when i first used this selection I believed it was a glitch. Thirdly, this selection isn’t very logical. Since it always slides up after finishing an action. The consumer therefore is double-taping while dealing with Mail, Safari or other application. This really is certainly and not the solution users need to see.

“;It’s an improvement on nothing.” No, I do not think so.”

Why we ought to invent a thing that is apparent. Let’s say we are able to simply redesign apps itself without adding unnecessary features (reachability on iOS or similar on other devices).


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