Reachable – meaning of reachable through the Free Dictionary

Reachable - meaning of reachable through the Free Dictionary hands, arm, or



v. arrived at, reach·ing, reach·es
1. To extend or help with (an appearance part) extend: arrived at out a leg.
2. To the touch or grasp by stretches or extending: can’t achieve the shelf.
3. To reach achieve: arrived at their destination arrived at a conclusion.
a. To achieve phoning or contacting: They arrived at us by telephone. Our e-newsletter reaches a specialized readership.
b. To achieve getting an impact on: Nobody appears in a position to achieve her any longer.
a. To increase so far as: The home reaches the shore.
b. To project so far as: A remote cry arrived at our ears.
c. To visit so far as: a lengthy fly ball that arrived at the stadium’s wall.
6. To aggregate or add up to: Sales arrived at the millions.
7. Informal To understand and give to a different: Achieve me the sugar.
1. To increase or move a hands, arm, or any other part of the body, particularly when attempting to touch or grasp something: arrived at for any book achieve right into a pocket.
a. To possess extension wide or time: a coat that will reach towards the knee a job that arrived at over several decades.
b. With an influence or effect: a philosophy that will reach into many disciplines.
c. To try and address the requirements of an organization or community. Frequently combined with out: a course to achieve to disengaged youth.
3. Maritime To sail using the wind abeam.
1. The act or a clear case of stretching or thrusting out: The frog caught the insect having a sudden achieve of their tongue.
2. The level or distance something can achieve: a boxer having a lengthy achieve.
a. Selection of understanding comprehension: a topic beyond my achieve.
b. Range or scope of influence or effect: the achieve from the transmitter. See Synonyms at range.
4. frequently reaches
a. An expanse of land or water, like a stretch water visible between bends inside a river or funnel.
b. A rank or level inside a social group or organization: the low reaches of society.
5. A pole connecting the trunk axle of the vehicle using the front.
6. Maritime The tack of the sailing vessel using the wind abeam.

achieve&#x2032a·ble adj.
achieve&#x2032er n.
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Reachable - meaning of reachable through the Free Dictionary social group or organization
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