Economic Organizations and Social Systems


Initially printed in 1967 to stunning reviews, Economic Organizations and Social Systems presents among the couple of comprehensive visions from the relationship between your economy along with other facets of the social system. Robert Solo endeavors to reply to the issue of methods to explain a real economy, compare economies, or confront problems where the ability to mobilize powers and also to behave as a coherent social pressure reaches issue. It, with a brand new preface, will become important studying for economists, sociologists, and law scholars trying to develop an alternate vision in our economy.

Robert A. Solo is Professor Emeritus of Financial aspects, Michigan Condition College.

Praise / Awards

“It is really an important work, a milestone around the lengthy and hard road toward the introduction of an sufficient theory from the dynamics around the globe social system. . . .”
—Kenneth Boulding
  • “Presents a effective systemic paradigm for understanding economic issues and policies. It’s wealthy in positive and normative content which will inspire students and teachers alike. . . . Professor Solo takes the readers past the prevailing knowledge of neoclassical, Keynesian, along with other schools of financial aspects. Well-organized, clearly written, and comprehensive, it offers important insights for economists and noneconomists alike. With different broad, holistic, interdisciplinary method of understanding, it sheds important new light around the relationship of monetary theory to policy as well as on the sensible and moral choices that folks and organizations need to make when they would improve society. . . . It belongs around the essential studying list for socioeconomic along with other interdisciplinary methods to economic theory and policy. I suggest it to anybody seeking greater clearness about economic issues.
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    Economic Systems & the Labor Market: Crash Course Sociology #29