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As Wolfram states in the legendary A Brand New Type Of Science, he observed similar-ant common convergences:

Despite the fact that each pattern differs at length, the amount of essentially various kinds of patterns is extremely limited. Indeed, it appears the patterns which arise can more often than not be assigned very easily to 1 of just four fundamental shapes:

These four courses are easily purchased when it comes to growing complexity, yet both have additional improvements:

  1. Uniformity — Just about all initial conditions result in the final condition
  2. Oscillation — Many possible final states, but all contain a structure that either continues to be the same or repeats
  3. Random — Appears almost random, but triangles & similar simple structures can be found at some levels
  4. Complexity — Intricate balance of order & randomness localized structures are created but move about to have interaction in complex ways

To explain, Wolfram acknowledges this classification product is in no way absolute or strict— it’s just a visual categorization according to searching at a large number of generations with different initial conditions & 256 rule sets. The curious factor here, however, would be that the much deeper Wolfram studied more-detailed qualities of ECAs, the greater obvious it grew to become that:

Many of these qualities were carefully correlated using the classes already identified. Indeed, in attempting to predict detailed qualities of the particular ECA it had been frequently enough just to be aware what the ECA is at.

It appears counter-intuitive, specifically in math, to basically judge a magazine by its cover however, a couple of real-world examples exist that appear to aid this heuristic. For instance, the classification of materials into solids, fluids & gases, or of just living microorganisms into plants & creatures classifications made purely according to general appearance, that underneath the microscope, indeed confirm similar much deeper, detailed qualities.

A Window To Living Complexity

Cellular automata are a great illustration of an engaged recursive process, where each iteration is really a function of all of the previous iterations. Once an evolution is generated, there’s an internet of interdependence that’s difficult to solve. Possibly the strangest attribute from the behavior observed in an ECA is you would assume so that it is continuous, however the very foundational foundation of cellular automata is it is entirely a discrete, non-continuous, process. The majority of cellular automata’s wow-power originates from the truth that simple rules, the configurations, produce very complex behavior. A lot of it is uniform, a lot of it is fractal, a lot of it is chaotic anyway & a lot of it is within a category all its very own — producing structures inside the chaos.


Elementary Cellular Automaton. An Idea About How Simple Structures… by Jesus Najera Cantor’s Paradise Medium to have


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Elementary Cellular Automaton. An Idea About How Simple Structures… by Jesus Najera Cantor’s Paradise Medium Appears almost random, but

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