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Solve problems creatively

Our Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction Design (HCI/d) is really a unique graduate experience that produces design experts who will shape the way forward for design. It’s a rigorous two-year program that teaches students to shape new media, interactive tools, artifacts, and systems with techniques that:

  • Lead engaging user encounters
  • Serve the necessity of stakeholders
  • Facilitate communication
  • Enrich the lives of those with them

You’ll complete your degree having a two-semester capstone project, in which you goes in-depth on the design problem of your liking.

Program styles

Interaction design

This career goal theme is perfect for students who wish to professionally design interfaces, interactive applications, social networks, and e-books.

UX research

This career goal is perfect for students who wish to:

  • Participate in observations, interviews, surveys, and co-design activities (among other pursuits)
  • Develop empathy with design stakeholders
  • Advocate for stakeholders within organizations
  • Produce reports whose outcomes have impacts on design decisions

Design strategy

This career goal theme is perfect for students who wish to:

  • Start their very own design consultancies
  • Achieve executive level positions and influence in design firms or any other firms using digital technologies
  • Pioneer systemic design innovations for social good

Academic scholarship & creative activity

This career goal theme is perfect for students who’re thinking about a job in academia like a professor or investigator.

IU’s HCI/d program was the very first within the U . s . States to highlight design being an equal partner to HCI.

Primary Track Faculty

Selma Sabanovic

Affiliate Professor of Informatics (Intelligent Interactive Systems IIS, Computer, Culture, and Society CCS, Human-Robot Interaction HRI)

Professor of Informatics (HCI/d, Design Theory, Experience Design)

Elisa Krebs


Human-Computer Interaction Master’s Programme