Research and Training Group in Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Department of Mathematics NYU Courant

The Research Training Group (RTG) in Mathematical Modeling and Simulation is really a NSF-funded vertically-integrated research activity in the Courant Institute funded through the National Science Foundation (award DMS-1646339) since nov 2017. The audience includes faculty, Courant Instructors, postdocs, graduated pupils, and undergraduate students thinking about applied mathematics more broadly, and modeling and simulation of physical systems more particularly. Since in early stages, the Courant Institute were built with a strong emphasis in applied mathematics, with modeling and simulation at its core.

Research and Training Group in Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Department of Mathematics NYU Courant integrates two

This RTG is dedicated to training through good research of undergraduates, graduated pupils, and postdoctoral guys in a number of salient facets of modern applied mathematics. Those activities this project relies upon recognize the essential need for the interplay between modeling and simulation for many real-existence applications. Modeling involves identifying the essential aspects of an issue and posing them in mathematical terms. Simulation solves the mathematical problems thus posed using computers to create quantitative predictions. Both modeling and simulation will be employed to investigate a multitude of phenomena in physics, chemistry, engineering, and biology, for example how microorganisms go swimming, how bloodstream flows within the heart, the bizarre qualities of suspensions of bacteria or active particles, and the way to efficiently design new materials. A distinctive component of our RTG may be the experiment-oriented Courant Applied Mathematics Laboratory, that will provide raw data and motivation for mathematical models and simulations, in addition to measurements for quantitative validation. This RTG program will highlight the connections among modeling, simulation and experimental observation.

This RTG will offer the formation of the vertically-integrated activity which integrates two new graduate and undergraduate research courses, a graduate , a collaborative research seminar, customer workshops and undergraduate summer time research activities. The 5-year project can create new activities which will be a permanent a part of mathematics teaching, research and training efforts in the Courant Institute, and can provide valuable experience that may be exported with other institutions.


Introduction to Mathematical Modeling