Social Systems and Human Behavior Off-shore College

Social Systems and Human Behavior Off-shore College or mental phenomena, issues, and

Social Systems and Human Behavior

Social sciences use specific theories, concepts, and techniques to know as well asOrdeal with social or mental phenomena, issues, and problems.

Study in social science fields (e.g. Psychology, Politics and Government, Anthropology, Sociology, Financial aspects, Criminal Justice Law and Society, and Public Health) provides students with frameworks and evidence from scholarly thinking and research to higher comprehend the ways in which human behavior and social systems operate and interact. Social sciences may also be put on collective and individual problems to enhance lives and communities.

When completed of the requirement students can:

  • use social science methodology to judge claims about human behavior or social systems (i.e. social, cultural, economic, or political systems).
  • apply concepts from the social science to problem-solving and decision-making.

Students complete 4 credits in the courses the following.

Courses that Match the Social Systems and Human Behavior Core Requirement Credits
ANTH 101 Summary of Cultural Anthropology 4
ANTH/REL 140 Summary of Comparative Religions 4
ANTH/PH 204/304 Prep Samoa: Well-Being and Culture 2
ANTH/PH 205 Travel Samoa: Well-being and Culture 2
ANTH/GSS 206 Sex, Gender, and Culture 4
ANTH 220 Summary of Worldwide Studies 4
ANTH 299 Field Experience 1-2
ANTH 302 Designing Ethnography 4
ANTH 310 Doing Ethnography 4
ANTH/PH/GSS 311 Medicine, Body and Culture 4
ANTH 313 Religion and Culture 4
ANTH/PH/GSS 343 Food, Fat, and Fitness 4
ANTH 368 Trinidad Culture and Society: Travel 4
ANTH 450 Directed Research in Anthropology 1-4
ARTST 107 Systems Thinking 2
BA 102 Fundamentals of economic 4
BA 306 Business Law 4
BA 309 Marketing 4
BA 312 Worldwide Business 4
BA 320 Hr Management 4
BA 360 Business Behavior 4
CJLS 101 Summary of Law and Society 4
CSD 200 Summary of Communication Disorders and Sciences 2
DS 204 Dealing with Individuals with Disability 4
ECON/PH 255 Health Financial aspects 4
ECON 255 Financial aspects of Inequality and Poverty 4
EDUC 260 Foundations of your practice 2
EDUC 300 Summary of Early Childhood Education 4
EDUC 361 Foundations of Human Development and Psychology 4
EXMB 335 Psychosocial Factors in Exercise Science 4
GSS 200 Summary of Queer Studies 4
GSS 201 Summary of Gender and Sexuality Studies 4
GSS/HUM 211 Preparation for Travel in India 2
GSS 265/365 Gender, Sexuality, and Sport 2
GSS 302 Multi-Media for Reproductive Health Promotion 4
GSS/SOC 309 Families 4
GSS/HUM 310 Travel in India: Gender Society Service 2
IS 201 Intercultural Communication 4
IS 220 Summary of Worldwide Studies 4
IS/HUM 311 Globals Skills I: Prepare 2
PH 101 Public Health 4
PH/PSY 265 Indigeneity, Culture, and Health (pre-visit Nz) 2
PH 325 Global Health 4
PH/PSY 465 Indigeneity, Culture, and Health (visit Nz) 2
POLS 140 Summary of U.S.
Social Systems and Human Behavior Off-shore College use social science


How early social environment influences the genome in offspring