Social Systems Evidence – Sustainable Development Institute

Monash Sustainable Development Institute is collaborating with McMaster College, Canada to grow the planet’s very indepth repository of sythesised research evidence to tell making decisions – Social Systems Evidence (SSE).

SSE includes evidence reviews, economic evaluations and policy briefs spanning all the social sciences from around the globe. It’s the world’s only repository of evidence reviews and offers governments, policymakers, researchers, yet others just one entry way for quality-appraised evidence. The comments are indexed against multiple filters for example government services and program areas, the Un Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or geographical regions. SSE presently covers 13 from the 17 SDGs, with content around the remaining SDGs to become added within the coming several weeks.

Particularly, the MSDI SSE team are identifying, appraising and curating evidence concerning the remaining SDGs: 7-Affordable and Clean Energy, 13-Climate Action, 14-Existence Below Water and 15-Existence on Land.

The outcomes of the collaboration will give you decision-makers around the world rapid use of pre-appraised and highly credible understanding within their market in order to solve their problem, which will aid governments all over the world to offer the SDGs.

The SSE team also offers the following services:

  • Reviews prepared in five, 30 or 60 working days summarising the relevance and native applicability of evidence addressing an SDG-related issue
  • Facilitated dialogues to allow decision-makers to deliberate on evidence-informed action
  • Trials of conduct change interventions to embed policies into practice and
  • Teaching and practicing organisations searching to construct capacity in evidence-informed policy and exercise.


Top Ten insights into expanding Social Systems Evidence to cover environmental factors