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My Profile


MyProfile intends to supply a solution for handling the numerous accounts and profiles that users have on the web. Its primary purpose is to supply a unified user account, or just ‘user profile’, which instead of current ‘silo’ profiles, would actually be underneath the user’s control, on the device controlled through the user.

  • Contact: Andrei Sambra
  • Status: Update happening, next version is going to be out soon (Q2 2012)
  • Source Code:

resource me / bergnet


Generic Social platform designed in PHP.

  • Contact: Thomas Bergwinkl
  • Status: Update happening expected Q2 2012
  • Schemas:
  • Access Control &
  • Person
  • Biography
  • Like
  • Blog, Comment, Recipe
  • Description

Tabulator Social Pane


The Tabulator project is really a generic data browser and editor. You can use it like a browser extension (firefox and chrome) or like a standalone javascript library. It’s extensible through various ’panes’ which behave as read write data apps.

  • Contact: Tim Berners-Lee, Joe Presbrey, Oshani Seneviratne, Melvin Carvalho
  • Status: Alpha, still some bugs to crush after proceed to git. Expected working Q2 2012
  • Source Code:


An Architecture of the Distributed Semantic Social Networking

  • Contact: Sebastian Tramp
  • Status: Design, implementation in ontowiki
  • Source:

OpenLink Data Spaces


Live demo:

is really a fully-featured data space and social system incorporating many protocols in the read write web inside a suite of applications.



Elgg based framework using many linked data plugins.

  • Contact: Pablo Martin (asked)
  • Status: Production



A wide open-source PHP web application and presentation engine for RDF data kept in files, e.g. your FOAF profile. It enables you to definitely aggregate and publish data from multiple web sources via Linked Data.

  • Contact: Michael Haschke
  • Status: Production, aggregator of linked data. Read / Write data planned.
  • Source:

The Worldwide Square


According to Drupal 7 and RDF the worldwide Square’s goal would be to perpetuate the creative and cooperative spirit from the jobs and transform them into lasting types of social organization.


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