Mapping Sociotechnical Resilience

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Mapping Sociotechnical Resilience blended framework for analyzing sociotechnical
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This chapter aims introducing a blended framework for analyzing sociotechnical resilience and it is applicability for that electricity sector. Within our blended approach, produced from social sciences and engineering, starting case study of sociotechnical system in the bottom as much as uncover relations, interdependencies and entangled meanings within their contexts. In the systemic point of view, the sociotechnical system is going to be conceptualized like a meshwork of holons that may provide insights into system qualities, for example embedded perils of systemic degradation, business vulnerabilities and emergency response capacity, among other aspects that lead to sociotechnical resilience. When viewed from the totality, this meshwork of holons represents the continuing exchanges of knowledge, capital, and matter restricted through the sociomaterial infrastructure.


Sociotechnical systemsResiliencePentadHolonElectrical system

Mapping Sociotechnical Resilience is applicability
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The work is definitely an outcome for the future Resilient Systems project in the Singapore-ETH Center (SEC), that is funded through the National Research First step toward Singapore (NRF) under its Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) program (FI 370074011).


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