Exactly what do I study? | Jen Henderson

Exactly what do I study? | Jen Henderson and theories of

My background is within Science Studies, or STS. This is an interdisciplinary field that explores the how science and society shape each other STS scholars study scientists, their practices, and technologies and are curious about different types of expertise, instruments, and procedures of understanding creation. Within STS, my work sits in the intersection of risk communication,hazards and cultural geography, and theories of risk and vulnerability. I am mainly an ethnographer, meaning I use observations of individuals within their naturalistic settings, interviews and concentrate groups, and historic archives to know how people understand disasters as well as their roles within them.

I read the following:

  • Weather warning processes and technologies, including digital visualization and social networking

  • Drought and emergent community vulnerabilities and resilience among agriculture, municipalities, and water managers

  • Disaster concepts, like vulnerability and resilience, that impact how researchers communicate with communities impacted by climate and weather extremes

  • Historic contexts and policy implications for that emergence of recent technologies, initiatives, and practices in expert communities

Detailed Description

Like a social researcher, I have labored with National Weather Service forecasters who issue warnings for weather hazards within the U . s . States. I have spent nearly 5 years in multiple offices across the nation, watching them work and speaking for them regarding their cares and concerns because they alert society to weather dangers. I additionally use local neighborhoods impacted by weather to know the complex situations and structures that shape their encounters with threats like tornadoes, hurricanes, flash floods, and drought.

My work continues to be printed in journals highly relevant to both meteorological community and my colleagues in STS.

Refereed Articles

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Conference Proceedings

J. Anderson, M. Kogan, M. Bica, L. Palen, K. Anderson, R. Morss, J. Demuth, H. Lazrus, O. Wilhelmi, J. Henderson, 2016. Social Networking Studies. Far A Long Way Away in Far Rockaway: Responses to Risks and Impacts during Hurricane Sandy through First-Person Social Networking Narratives. Preprint: Worldwide Conference on Computer for Crisis Management.

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